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I am very excited to be back in my hometown of Marquette, Michigan, with the opportunity to offer my design services to this vibrant and changing community!  My studio is located on the historic east side of Marquette. While I have added my creative touch to my building, I have tried to maintain the integrity of the original architectural elements. I love an historic project and hope to be able to help restore and remodel some of the east side homes. There is so much potential in this town!  

KADU Designs

will offer consulting services - interior and exterior residential, and light commercial. We are also proud to offer custom furniture and cabinetry made from reclaimed barn wood, as well as custom cabinetry made in the UP! Other products that will be available at KADU include ceramic dinnerware that is made in Michigan, area rugs and runners, made in the US, custom drapery, decorative ceramics from Door Pottery, out of Madison, Wisconsin, dried floral, art tile from Sporck Tileart, in Leelanau, MI, and colonial reproduction throws. I will also offer select faux finishes, landscape murals, and staging services.  KADU will be partnering with Creative Business Interiors for any commercial design and furniture needs. 

KADU offers

a new and unique aesthetic to the Marquette area, along with a localist and green lean to our product lines. 


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KADU Designs

610 N. Third St., Marquette, MI 49855, US

(906) 362-8440


KADU Designs Open Studio/Walk-In hours 

Tuesdays 9-5 

Wednesdays 10-6 


All other times by appointment or chance! 

 For an appointment, contact me at  906-362-8440  or  KADUdesigns@gmail.com

 I will likely be here far more than the above hours, and will be available every other Saturday. I look forward to helping you with your project! 

What do we do?

Offered at KADU Designs


  • Consulting - Interior & exterior residential, and light commercial
  • Decorative painting - select color wash & landscape murals
  • Staging - to facilitate home sales
  • Commercial Design - Through Creative Business Interiors, in Milwaukee, WI


  • Custom Cabinetry - made of domestic woods & made in the UP!
  • Custom Cabinetry - made of reclaimed barnwood
  • Handmade ceramic dinnerware - made in Michigan
  • Decorative ceramics from Door Pottery
  • Area rugs & runners - made in the US
  • Custom drapery & rods
  • Historical reproduction throws - made in the US
  • Dried Floral
  • Decorative ceramic tile from Sporck Tileart
  • Tile from Fireclay Tile
  • Commercial furniture - through Creative Business Interiors


We are honored to be able to sponsor the Art on the Rocks 3D Art Price, this weekend! Come on down to Mattson Lower Harbor Park!

Countertops are in, and look great!

Newly arrived cabinet door samples are here.

New red glaze in KADU ceramic dinnerware has arrived, and I LOVE the color!

Fireclay Tile samples have arrived. Great company! Much of their product is made of reclaimed clay from a brickyard!


Katherine DuVernois has a real flair and wonderful talent for designing spaces that create flow and balance. The real standout is her ability to boldly and creatively use color to bring spaces together beautifully. Katherine began working with me to select wall colors for my home remodel, a process which quickly developed into a long-term agreement to consult on all aspects of the project.We were able to communicate ideas well, and she was respectful of both my time and my particular needs. The whole process was an education in the subtleties of design, from carrying through shapes, patterns and colors, to smooth integration between different areas of the home. I am a very satisfied customer who has referred  her to other potential clients.

Pamela Monroe

Marquette, MI

I hired Katherine DuVernois based on her creative mailings and her verbal exploration  of what might be best for my space. We eventually created a warm, masculine environment that meshed well with my tastes and previous acquisitions. Katherine is charismatic and I have never seen her in a bad mood. She lives creatively, on the clock and off. What struck me most, was her ability to see a color, and then match it from memory, months later! She is versatile and facile with local styles and resources, and was always prompt, kind and inventive. I feel confident in her success at basically any artistic endeavour.

Dr. Jon Potter

Marquette, MI

Andy Goldsworthy - purist

For your entertainment and inspiration!

KADU dinnerware

Check out the beautiful glazes available in this handmade ceramic dinnerware! Five colors, in two different styles - all made in MIchigan!

Barnwood Cabinets & Furniture

Hello Yoopers! 

Check out my KADU Barnwood Cabinetry & Furniture. Perfect for a modern home or a rustic cabin! 

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